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The RH07 is a 7-ton diesel loader designed for underground metal mines, suitable for 3m x 3m mine tunnels. The main components of the entire vehicle are internationally renowned brands. The control system uses CAN bus communication technology, and the hydraulic system uses electro-hydraulic proportional pilot control. The 7-inch display screen on the vehicle can display the running parameters of the loader in real time, and has fault warning and self-diagnosis functions. It comes with an automatic centralized lubrication system, and can be equipped with a remote control system with visual range and an Ansul automatic fire extinguishing system.
model: RH07
Standard bucket capacity: 3m³
Rated load capacity: 7000kg
Unladen weight: 19,200kg
Shoveling force: ≥100KN
traction: ≥120KN
power: 160kw@2200rpm
torque: 1060Nm@1500rpm
Emission Standards: Tier3StageⅢ
length: 9028mm
width: 2219mm (including cab)
high: 2245mm
Minimum ground clearance: 317mm
unloading height: 1880mm
corner direction: +/-42.5°
Turning radius (inside): 3046mm (inside)
Turning radius (outside): 5952mm (outside)
Product details

RH07It is a load capacity specially designed for underground metal mines.7tons of diesel scrapers, suitable for3m x 3 m mine tunnelThe main components of the vehicle adopt internationally renowned brands, and the control system adoptsCAN bus communication technology, the hydraulic system adopts electro-hydraulic proportional pilot control, and the on-board 7-inch display screen can display the operating parameters of the scraper in real time, and has fault prompt alarm and self-diagnosis functions. Standard automatic centralized lubrication system, optional line-of-sight remote control system andAnsulAutomatic fire suppression system.


And RH07 technical parameters

work capacity

dynamical system

Standard bucket capacity: 3m³

Model number: Volvo TAD 850VE

Rated load weight: 7,000 kg

Power: 160kw @2200rpm

No-load weight: 19,200 kg

Torque: 1060 Nm @ 1500 rpm

Shovel extraction force: 100 KN

Emission standard: Tier 3StageⅢ

Traction force: 120 KN

Standard with a Canadian ECS purifier

drive system


Torque converter: the DANA C 270 series

The FOPS / ROPS certification

Transmission: The DANA R 32000 Series

Fully enclosed cab, with rubber shock absorption

Axle bridge: Kessler D 91 / DANA 16D

Heating and cooling air conditioning, suspension seats

Tyre: 17.5-25 smooth tire (with inner)

Door linkage protection

Machine size

hydraulic pressure system

Length: 9,028 mm

Hydraulic pump: parker

Width: 2219mm (including cab)

Hydraulic valve: parker

Height: 2,245 mm

Pilot valve: electro-hydraulic proportional pilot control

Minimum ground clearance: 317mm

Maximum unloading height: 1,880 mm

Steering Angle: ± 42.5°

Turning radius: 3046mm (inside)

Turning radius: 5952mm (outside)

coolant passage

electrical system

Engine cooling is driven by a high-speed blade motor,

CAN bus control

Drive system cooling, hydraulic system cooling

A 7-inch color display screen

Automatic parking

Automatic centralized lubrication system

failure warning

fault diagnosis

Device options

Optional bucket: 2 m³.7-3.3

Optional tire: vacuum tire

The Ansul automatic fire-extinguishing system

GET form relieved tooth

Vision remote control system




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