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RT30 has a rated load capacity of 30 tons and a positive suspension seat design, which is suitable for long-distance transportation needs. The main components of the whole vehicle adopt internationally renowned brands, the control system adopts CAN bus communication technology, the hydraulic system adopts a load-sensitive variable system, and the vehicle-mounted 7-inch display screen can display the operating parameters of the scraper in real time, and has fault prompt alarm and self-diagnosis functions . The overall size is compact, the turning radius is small, and the unloading angle is large, which meets the complex road conditions and climbing requirements of underground roadways.
model: RT30
Rated load capacity: 30,000kg
Unladen weight: 29,500kg
traction: 350KN
power: 315kw@1900rpm
torque: 2175Nm@1200rpm
Emission Standards: Tier3StageⅢ
length: 10440mm
width: 3120mm (including cab)
high: 2750mm
Minimum ground clearance: 390mm
corner direction: ±44°
Turning radius (inside): 4054mm (inside)
Turning radius (outside): 7412mm (outside)
Car volume: 15.0m³
Product details

RT30has a rated load capacity of30tons. It is designed with forward-suspension seats suitable for long-distance transport requirements. The main components of the vehicle are from internationally renowned brands. The control system usesCAN bus communication technology, while the hydraulic system adopts a load-sensitive variable system. The on-board 7-inch display screen can show the running parameters of the loader in real time, and it also has fault warning alarms and self-diagnostic functions. The overall size is compact with a small turning radius, and the unloading angle is large, which meets the complex road conditions and climbing requirements of underground tunnels.


The RT30 technical parameters

work capacity

dynamical system

Car volume: 15.0m³

Model number: Volvo TAD 1352VE

Rated load weight: 30,000kg

Power: 315kw @1900rpm

No-load weight: 29,500kg

Torque: 2175 Nm @ 1200 rpm

Traction force: 350 KN

Emission standard: Tier 3StageⅢ

Maximum hill-climbing ability: 25%

Standard with a Canadian ECS purifier

Machine size

hydraulic pressure system

Length: 10,440 mm

Hydraulic pump: parker load-sensitive pump

Width: 3120mm (including cab)

Hydraulic valve: parker load-sensitive valve

Height: 2,750 mm

Minimum ground clearance: 390mm

Car height: 2,450 mm

danfoss Load-sensitive steering system

drive system

Steering angle: ± 44°

Torque converter: DANA C 8000 series

Turning radius: 4054mm (inside)

Transmission: The DANA 6000 Series

Turning radius: 7412mm (outside)

Axle bridge: Kessler D 101

Tyre: 26.5R 25 steel wire tire


electrical system

The FOPS / ROPS certification

CAN bus control

Fully enclosed cab, with rubber shock absorption

A 7-inch color display screen

Heating and cooling air conditioning, suspension seats

Door linkage protection

failure warning

Automatic centralized lubrication system

fault diagnosis

Torque converter automatic lock control system

Device options

Anti-falling material baffle

The Ansul automatic fire-extinguishing system




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